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Phish Camp is a security program of awareness training, phishing simulations, and dedicated client support designed to produce a human firewall of protection.

Comprehensive Security Education

Together, these tools will transform your workforce into guardians of critical data and infrastructure. Our time-proven and science-backed approach helps your organization reach sustained attack avoidance rates of up to 99%.
Security Awareness Training
  • Secure LMS with interactive, gamified learning, quizzes for reinforcement and key summaries
  • Hand-picked modules to focus on key learning objectives, driven by science-backed educational methods selected for high retention
  • Customizable content for all audiences: General, role-based, language, compliance, time constrained, industry and level of expertise
Anti-Phishing Simulation
  • Customized phishing emails targeted to the user with relatable information
  • Programmed for progressive degrees of difficulty (automated or manual configuration)
  • Simulates a variety of attack types, including phishing, spear- phishing, data entry, attachment, macros and USB planting
Security Excellence
Integration, Support & Reporting
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager for white-glove support, from installation to day-to-day management
  • A 12-month delivery plan, supplemented with posters, newsletters, employee handbooks, employee and executive communications and event plans
  • Actionable performance analytics for program evaluation, and “boardroom- ready” performance reports for public reporting, filings and risk evaluations
  • Security posture scorecarding for benchmarking security risks by organization, department and learner

Measurable Results

Reduce Your Organization’s Phish Rates to as Low as 1%

Our Phish Camp training platform uses a comprehensive approach to security awareness education. Using realistic phishing simulations, immersive awareness training and offline reinforcement in one integrated platform, we’ll transform your workforce into guardians of critical data and infrastructure.

Results-Driven Training with Measurable Impact

Data from over 1 million learners in a variety of industries shows Phish Camp can reduce phish rates across organizations to as low as 1%.

At Phish Camp, we use your organization’s phish rate as a benchmark for program performance. We find that most teams start with a phish rate of about 29%. Starting with our immersive phishing simulator, PhishSim, we’ll drop your team’s phish rate to 7%. When we supplement the phishing campaigns with our AwareEd educational modules, we’ve seen phish rates drop as low as just 1%.

Looking at the numbers, it’s easy to see how a comprehensive approach to security education is the most effective route to keeping your critical data secure from cyber threats.

3-Month Starter Pack

Phish Camp offers a 3-month, fixed price, and fully guaranteed intensive camp.

Phish Camp will send four different custom-designed phishing emails at random intervals to all your users. We’ll collect the data and develop a detailed report of who opened and clicked on the hyperlinks.

We’ll send self-paced interactive training modules to your users and track their progress. With less than 1 hour of their time, you can significantly reduce your security related risks in the following areas:

  • Phishing
  • Suspicious Hosts
  • Social Engineering
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • After training, we’ll conduct another phishing campaign to reinforce their training. If your users take the bait, the fake email will instantly indicate their mistake.
  • The indicators will highlight how to avoid a variety of different phishing tactics like spoofing, urgent subject lines and spelling errors.
  • Another phishing campaign to measure improvement. We’ll generate risk profiles for individuals and departments in your organization to help you identify the weakest links in your human firewall.

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